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Associate Dean for Planning Affairs
    College of Liberal Arts, Korea University
    Institute for Digital HUSS
    Center for Digital Humanities
Associate Professor
    Dept. of Linguistics

My primary area of research interest includes computational syntax, corpus-based methods for analyzing the language data, and a hybrid approach between them.

- Language Resources: deep learning-based linguistic studies, medical and legal NLP
- Syntax: HPSG, experimental syntax, grammar engineering

I graduated from the University of Washington (Dept. of Linguistics) (Dec. 2013) (with Top Scholar Award and Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship) under the tutelage of Prof. Emily M. Bender. I published a book about modeling information structure in human languages: Modeling information structure in a cross-linguistic perspective (Berlin: Language Science Press). This study builds up an HPSG/MRS-based computational model for approaching information structure from a cross-linguistic perspective. The model improves the performance of multilingual machine translation in terms of speed as well as accuracy. I am leading the computational semantics lab. (aka. COSMOS or SongLab) at the Research Institute of Language & Information, Korea University.

You can see more information about me on my CV [English, Korean].
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