The 20th Meeting of the International Circle of Korean Linguistics
- University of Helsinki, 27-29 June 2017 -

Invited Panelists

Special Lecture in Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence
  Fred Karlsson (University of Helsinki)
  "The Intellectual and Political Climate of Finland and Finnish Linguistics in the Age of G. J. Ramstedt"
Special Invited Panel in Honour of Ramstead (1873-1950)
The meeting presents a special panel on the theme of A Century of Historical-Comparative Research on Korean and Japanese since the Publication of Ramstedt (1928). The invited panellists are:
  Juha Janhunen (East Asian Studies, University of Helsinki)
  Ki-Joong Song (Korean Language & Literature, Seoul National University)
  James Unger (East Asian Languages & Literatures, the Ohio State University)
  Alexander Vovin (Historical Linguistics, Ecole de hautes Etudes, Paris)
  John Whitman (Linguistics, Cornell University)

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